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Your value will be not what you know; it will be what you share.

We are a group of individuals from different states of the world with a burden that covers all spheres of life, which revolves around the Kingdom. We are ladies with different experiences in life and through the help of God we’ve gotten better.

This mission was as a result of the fact that we have so many ladies going through certain things in different areas of their lives, which they find very difficult to share with people. Most times this happens sisters find themselves in the midst of believers and they can’t share this occurrence with anyone for the fear of being judged..

Here at kingdom sisters connect we understand that all of these things happen in our lives for us to grow, learn and become a better person. So we encourage each other with the scriptures from time to times, we also pray using the scriptures as a guide.

Oluwatobiloba Daniel-Ishima


Empowering Women in Global Competition.

We are aware of the life happening around us, and the fact that we all have different response to life. So we ensure proper mentorship, a family to call your own and a proper education to guide through life..


At Kingdom sisters connect, mentorship is an incredibly important and valuable practice that helps to empower and enable young women to reach their full potential. It is a way of us providing support, guidance, and advice to women who are in need of it. Our mentorship program can help to build self-confidence, increase knowledge, and help to grow in all areas .We mentor and follow up on young ladies who are trying to find their feet in life, through the kingdom principles. It's our way of giving back to the community and helping to create a better future for all.


We are one big family irrespective of our cultural background, color or race.We keep up with each other from time to time. For us, distance is NOT a barrier as we make do with every social media platform to connect with each other as much as we can.


Education is a vital part of growth. At Kingdom Sisters we are aware of the effect education has on us as individuals and as a family. We make learning fun and easy. We have diverse skills to educate one another with and gain the knowledge and skills we need to pursue fulfilling lives and careers in the kingdom standards. We understand that this results in healthier, more educated families and communities. Investing in female education is an investment in a better future for all.

What We Do

Empowering women of faith to live purpose-driven lives through mentorship, community, and spiritual growth – that’s what we do at Kingdom Sisters Connect

Master Classes
Kingdom Sisters Connect is a master class designed for women who want to deepen their relationship with God and connect with other like-minded sisters in Christ.


Kingdom Sisters Connect is a faith-based master class designed to empower women to deepen their relationship with God and connect with other women of faith.


Community is an important aspect of Kingdom Sisters Connect, as the program is designed to bring together women of faith who share a common goal of growing spiritually and deepening their relationship with God.

Our Story

About Us

What we are

Kingdom Sisters Connect is a professional initiative giving rise to ambitious young women between the time they get into college and the time they get married(age range is relative). Our mission is to empower our ladies through social impact, career exploration and objective alignment to the kingdom culture. We believe in older/experienced women and ladies with prior experiences, teaching, guiding and influencing the younger ladies with strong character and moral absolutes. We provide access and resources necessary for them to be successful in the mountain of culture they find themselves in, while teaching them how to leverage these tools to reach their personal and professional goals and give back by serving the world with it.

Who we serve

Kingdom Sisters Connect equips the young woman who is trying to find or has found her passion with the toolkit necessary to turn her interests into a career, to take over and influence the mountain of culture they find themselves . We provide psychological and material support to broken young ladies who love God but find it hard to make a social impact. We provide platforms for career exploration to the young woman who struggles to find a career aligned to her skillset.

How we serve

Through our social networking, training and community service and mentorship. We introduce our young ladies to purpose exploration that is aligned with their passions and skillsets. We teach kingdom principles, showing through God’s Word that God has eternal unchangeable standards which are completely opposite of this world’s system and how they can be used to influence and dominate wherever they find themselves.

Vision Statement

Building kingdom cultured ladies of influence for social impact through mentorship.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

- Oluwatobiloba Daniel-Ishima

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